Understanding Our Past, Creating our Futures

Have You Ever Thought About…

  • How Your Family Came to Rhode Island?
  • How You Would Collect Your Family’s Stories & Share Them?
  • How to Make the Stories Creative & How to Draw in Students?

Learn about a group of educators, artists, and media producers who are organizing special programs Highlighting Rhode Island’s African American Historical Legacy, for Middle and High School classes and afterschool programs.  As displayed by the three artists from the Ocean State who are captured in the video above – storyteller, Len Cabral; Poet, Indigo Bethea; and Spoken Word Artist and vocalist, Satta Jallah – these stories can move and inspire you.

Understanding Our Past, Creating Our Futures, a project funded by the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, will engage both teachers & students in:

  • Collecting Stories Pertaining to Rhode Island’s History
  • Sharing Stories of Rhode Island Families in Local and Global
  • Communities through Multimedia and Artistic Displays
  • Restoring African Americans and Other People of Color in United States History
  • Pursuing Educational and Career Goals

For further information, contact Delores M. Walters, Ph.D., at delores.walters99@gmail.com or by phone at (401) 369-8944 or visit http://www.rhode2africa.wordpress.com.  To learn more about how African families came to Rhode Island, click here.


Originally posted June 28, 2010

Join us on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 29 & 30, at the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities’ Summer Institute to learn about special presentations being organized for Middle and High School Classes and Afterschool Programs…

Have You Ever Thought About…

  • How Your Family Came to Rhode Island?
  • How You would Collect your Family’s Stories & Share Them?

Learn about special presentations being organized for Middle and High School Classes and Afterschool Programs  on the topic of…

Highlighting Rhode Island’s African American Historical Legacy

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