About Rhode 2 Africa, Year One

PROVIDENCE, RI – Rhode 2 Africa (R2A) was a Concert Series and Interview Series run from 2008-2009 about Africans in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The Interview Series documented four roundtable conversations with RI and MA musicians and community leaders speaking on a number of topics, including: Liberia, Senegal, Nigeria, Cape Verde, Gambia and America; culture and identity; education, music, and language. The thirty minute episodes aired on WRIU in Kingston, RI and they were released as podcasts on RezaRitesRi.com and iTunes (search “Rhode to Africa” or “RezaRitesRi.com” in the iTunes store).

Rhode 2 Africa was produced by RezaRitesRi.com and Mount Hope Neighborhood Association, Inc. with support from The Rhode Island Foundation, Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, The Van Leesten Group, The Nellie Mae Education Foundation, Firehouse no. 13, WRIU, Beatbox Studio, and many other RI-based organizations, businesses, and individuals.  A number of local and regional artists supported the project as well, through the Rhode 2 Africa Concert Series, which consisted of 3 concertsfeaturing live and recorded music by African artists and DJ’s who are living in New England, and a fourth performance held in conjunction with a community presentation and panel discussion about Rhode 2 Africa and the topics covered in the interviews.

In May 2009, Rhode 2 Africa Creator, Producer and Project Director, Reza Corinne Clifton, was honored for her work on Rhode 2 Africa.  The Rhode Island for Community and Justice (RICJ) Metcalf Diversity in the Media Awards are given annually after being established in 1988 to honor the late Michael Metcalf, publisher of the Providence Journal.  Awards are given for Print, Broadcast (Radio and Television) and Web/Internet media, and entries are judged by a local, independent panel convened by RICJ. The annual competition is the only award in Rhode Island to recognize journalists and the media for their stories promoting diversity.  Rhode 2 Africa earned the award in the Internet category for the podcast editions of the Rhode 2 Africa Interview Series.  Clifton also earned the Metcalf Diversity in the Media Award in 2007 – becoming, at the time, the first recipient in the internet category.

For more information about Rhode to Africa, click here to download the info sheet, visit RezaRitesRi.com or contact Rhode 2 Africa Creator and Director, Reza Corinne Clifton, at rezaclif@gmail.com or at 401-497-5246.

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