About Rhode 2 Africa: Elect the Arts 2012

The husband-wife hip hop duo, Riders Against the Storm, will be featured in “Rhode 2 Africa: Elect The Arts 2012,” a multimedia project designed to motivate diverse constituencies to vote in November and engage in political conversations at the local, national, and global level. The project is scheduled for release and screenings in June 2012. Donations to support its completion can be made by clicking here.


In 2008, writer/multimedia producer Reza Clifton released Rhode 2 Africa (R2A) – a  multimedia project funded, in part, by RI Council for the Humanities, RI Foundation, and Nellie Mae Education Foundation and sponsored by Mount Hope Neighborhood Association.  R2A ended up as a radio, podcast and concert series that raised awareness about issues facing African and African-American communities living in RI and MA, especially around culture and identity, politics, music, and language.  In June 2012, Clifton will return with Rhode 2 Africa: Elect the Arts 2012, a multimedia project designed to motivate diverse constituencies to vote in November and engage in political conversations at the local, national, and global level – through conversations with emerging and established Black musicians with a variety of political views and methods of raising their voices.


There is room at every election to hear and examine new voices and ideas. This year is no different. As a matter of fact, as protesters part of Occupy Wall Street, and break-off movements like Women Occupy and Occupy The Hood have demonstrated, citizens across this country have grown tired of never hearing from the variety of voices making up the “99%.” Still, if you pay attention to major news outlets, you would think that the only people who care about the November elections are the all-white Republican candidates and their party followers.

One place in which you can hear alternative voices and views on politics is within the music community. Besides being heads of households, tax-payers, insurance-holders, and voters, there are many performers who play at political events, directly and indirectly endorsing candidates; hip hop artists who “rap” about reform and rebellion; and emerging and established artists who’ve performed at The Whitehouse.

Rhode 2 Africa: Elect the Arts 2012 is about sharing the voices of Black musicians engaged in this type of work. Standing in contrast to the limited news coverage we see daily, R2A will provide election 2012 coverage and awareness through conversations on race, politics and music.  Our goal is to make sure that diverse constituencies are motivated to vote in November and engaged in political conversations at the local, national, and global level.

Participating Musicians in 2012 include:

  • Head Roc, Washington, DC
  • Spiritchild, NYC
  • The Dubber, Columbia, SC
  • Erik Andrade, New Bedford, MA
  • Tem Blessed, New Bedford, MA
  • Da Empress, New Bedford, MA
  • Soldiers of Life, Providence, RI
  • 5th Elament, Kingston, RI
  • Queen Yonasda, Phoenix, AZ
  • Riders Against the Storm, Austin, TX

Participating Scholars include:

  • Angela Davis, PhD
  • Corey DB Walker, PhD
  • J.C. Clifton (community elder, producer’s grandfather)


Reza Corinne Clifton:
“Reza Rites / Venus Sings / DJ Reza Wreckage”
rezaclif@gmail.com / 401-217-9680 / singsvenus@gmail.com
http://www.Rhode2Africa.wordpress.com / http://www.VenusSings.com /
http://www.RIFuture.org / http://www.IsisStorm.com /

Facebook & Twitter @rezaclif


Learn more about R2A 2012 by clicking here and getting more information about the project, which is in-production and scheduled to be broadcast-ready and screening-ready in June, 2012.

Learn more about R2A Year One by clicking here to watch and listen to R2A Year One episodes.

Help fund the project by clicking here to make a donation toward the project to help with producer and artist travel costs, equipment purchases, and staff supports.

Tell a friend or potential sponsor/donor.

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