Footage at SXSW in March 2012, Upcoming Shoots in April: Updates from R2A 2012

Posted on April 4, 2012


Click here to see a slideshow of pictures of Riders Against the Storm and others who I met and interacted with during my trip to South by Southwest Music Festival 2012 in Austin Texas.

I started capturing footage for Rhode 2 Africa: Elect the Arts 2012 (R2A 2012)  in October 2011, and here we are in April and I’ll be finishing up VERY soon. One of my destinations for visuals and interviews was South by Southwest, an annual convention/festival held in Austin, TX, and boy did I get some cool stuff! Catch a glimpse of some of the goodies in the slideshow above, which shows some of the adventures I had from March 13-18 and some of the people I met and with whom I interacted. Some of the artists and community members captured include Riders Against the Storm and British-born, Colombian-based music producer, DJ and music historian, Quantic.

I also had the good fortune (and wisdom) to attend the Trinity College International Hip Hop Festival on Saturday, March 31, which proved to be another great filming site.  The 31st was the third and final day of a program that included workshops on topics like Hip Hop and Human Rights, art contests and DJ battles, and great live performances.  Directed to the conference by musicians I met in Austin (Native Sun and Los Rakas), I ended up landing in what could be considered a Holy Land for this project.

Click here to see a slideshow of pictures of Native Sun and other performers from the 2012 Trinity College International Hip Hop Festival in Hartford, CT; black and white photos were taken by Enid Butts of Hartford, CT.

But if SXSW and Trinity College represented the fun and melodic part of the R2A 2012 conversations I’ve been having about race, politics, and music, then events and sessions coming up next can only be part of the intellectual and analytical part of the coin! I’m referring specifically to gatherings I’ll be filming this Sunday, April 8 at a cafe in Providence called Tea in Sahara and next Friday, April 13 at Rhode Island College.

On the 8th, scholar, educator, friend, and blogging colleague, Marco McWilliams, will lead his group, the “Providence Africana Reading Collective” in a discussion and “action community forum” dealing with the subject of “Justice for Trayvon Martin.” Like the session with McWilliams, the event on the 13th will be an event open to the public.  Called “Race, Politics and Music: A Look at Rhode 2 Africa and Election Year 2012,” the panel discussion, which will be facilitated by me, is designed to gather together media professionals, race scholars, feminist media activists, and politically active musicians to bring my media conversation to a community setting, to obtain final interviews for R2A 2012, and to bring a non-Republican-centric election year discussion to a special audience.

So if I wasn’t so long-winded, this message would say:
  • The project is moving along
  • The conversations are getting more and more interesting
  • There are several ways to learn about and get involved in the project
  • There is still room/time to support the multimedia and community efforts.
Keep in touch; you know I will.



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